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Ski Resort Compare Tool: See Side-by-Side Stats

16th September 2018 | Heather B. Fried

Ski Resort Compare Tool: See Side-by-Side Stats - ©Liam Doran
Copyright: Liam Doran

OnTheSnow introduces a new ski resort compare tool that allows you to build a ski resort comparison and view mountain stats side by side. Compare up to 10 ski resorts at a time to see lift ticket prices, resort reviews, mountain stats, latest snow report and historical snowfall for the last 30 days or total by season. 

A highly-requested feature from OnTheSnow users, the resort compare tool is designed to help with ski trip planning, whether you're trying to decide where to go skiing for the day or choosing the destination for your next family ski vacation. See all of your favorite mountains—and stats like terrain breakdown and open runs, elevation and open lifts—at a glance.

Compare California Ski Resorts 


How To Build a Ski Resort Comparison

1. Go to any Region or Resort page and click Compare. Choose as many as 10 ski resorts to compare. 



2. Your ski resort selections will populate in the footer popup. Click the expand arrow to display the ski resorts and move onto the comparison page. Note: This is a sticky footer that will follow you throughout the website so long as you have ski resorts selected for compare.  


3. Once satisfied with the ski resorts in your comparison, click the Compare Now button in the bottom right-hand corner. 


4. Scroll down to compare mountain stats for the ski areas displayed or scroll right/left to bring other ski resorts into view. Click the X in the top right-hand corner of any given ski resort to remove it from the compare, and use the navigation or search bar to exit the compare and add more resorts. 

5. To remove/add resorts from the Historical Snowfall view, click the resort name. This will only remove that resort from the Historical Snowfall graph, not from the comparison. 

Historical Snowfall Compare Tool

Happy comparing! Editors' Note: This new feature is in beta; please send an email to with issues, ideas and any other feedback.

Compare Colorado Ski Resorts


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