2015/2016 Elan Twilight 90 Carbon ski review. OnTheSnow tested this ski as part of its women’s All-Mountain Front Category.

“This super fun ski is easy to carve, but not so easy as to deter an aggressive skier,” says Kelly of the Elan Twilight 90 Carbon. The 90-mm-waisted ski has Carbon Channels or carbon tubes placed down the length of the ski. When combined with Elan’s multi-wood Trulite laminated wood core, the two are meant for both weight reduction, a soft flex as well as enough power transmission to make dynamic turns. The ski also includes Wavelight technology—wave-like ripples in the construction designed to make the ski thinner and lighter—as well as tip rocker. Testers gave the all-mountain ski its highest scores for float, lowest for playfulness. “Not as carvy as its sister ski, Insomnia,” observes Johnson. “This model prefers fast big turns to playful short-radius ones.”