FIRST IMPRESSIONS: While they appear to be your basic, nice-looking mitten on the outside, there’s some really cool technology working below the surface of Seirus’ HeatWave MsBehave Mitts to warm hands sans battery. This new women’s-specific mitten design comes in the pictured black/hot pink colorway, as well as all black, and white/lime and fits comfortably, although the thumb seam placement can feel a bit awkward—something you notice at first but will surely forget throughout the day. The only feature we’re still wanting is a wrist loop and maybe some more Velcro along the one-handed wrist and cuff cinch so the mitts lock down even tighter.

FAVORITE FEATURES: We love Seirus’ relatable warmth story via its Dual Stage Heating System that first retains hand heat with the Thermal Reflective Layer—i.e. that shiny silver material that lines the entire mitten. In phase two, those little channels you see running through that material actually generate 4–5 more degrees in heat by wicking any moisture away from your hand. The mitten clip is also nice, and we think, necessary to ensure left and right come out of the ski bag together.

MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION: New for women in winter 2014-15 are the women's-only Seirus HeatWave MsBehave Mitt. Seirus HeatWave gloves and mitts utilize Seirus' Dual Stage Heating System: First, Seirus' proprietary, engineered Thermal Reflective Layer, made with a proprietary, high wicking, polyester/nylon blend, retains 20% more warmth inside the glove than traditional linings; then a kinetic process creates a 4-5 degree increase in this heat from wicking energy. It's a whole new level in warmth for a non-battery-heated glove. HeatWave models come in lofted insulation styles and Seirus’ top selling All Weather, FormFit designs, which deliver a “light as a feather,” second-skin-like fit and feel. Some models also include SoundTouch touchscreen capabilities. (HeatWave is also available in Seirus glove liners, skulls and socks.)