2015 Armada TSTw ski review. OnTheSnow tested this ski as part of its women’s All-Mountain Back Category.

“This ski is butter-like and easy to maneuver in snow,” says Rodman of the TSTw. “It’s more a powder ski than all-mountain because the stability diminishes underfoot on the hardpack.” Scores came in higher for float, low for carving, and testers agreed the TSTw performs best off-piste—and off the groomers. Design specs of the TSTw include a relatively soft-flexing tip with rocker, full sandwich construction and Armada’s Hybrid UltraLight Core, made of lightweight wood and fiberglass layered in a lattice pattern. The widest part of the ski is found at the contact point (131 mm at 174 cm), and the waist tapers down in each size run—at 165 cm, for example, the waist is 100 mm. “Most notable trait: This ski is easy to play with in soft conditions,” says Muecke.