K2 Pinnacle 95 ski review, 2017/2018 men's All-Mountain Back Category, from our equipment experts at Realskiers.com powered by Masterfit.

Two seasons ago, K2 radically revised the design of its skis, ditching more than a decade’s worth of dampening material and generally paring away excess weight wherever it could. By its own estimation, it went a little too far. So for 2018, K2 bolstered the construction of its new star ski, the Pinnacle 95, with more mass, metal and camber, and less rocker. None of these improvements altered the Pinnacle 95’s easy-going nature, so it remains mindlessly simple to ski. It doesn’t need a high edge to hold, so Finesse skiers can tootle along with their feet comfortably underneath them and still ride a secure edge. The Pinnacle 95 doesn’t try to impress with lightning reflexes or bulldozer power but seduces its pilot with smoothness. The Pinnacle 95 is a great introduction to the All-Mountain Back genre for someone who’s never been on skis this wide. Pat Parraguirre, GM at Bobo’s, cited performance improvements to the 2018 Pinnacle 95: “Much more power than its predecessor [with] earlier initiation than the old ski, too.”

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