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2015 Softgoods Buyers' Guide

2015 Softgoods Buyers' Guide - ©Cody Downard Photography

Find all Your 2015 Gear Here

OnTheSnow's 2015 Softgoods Buyers' Guide is your first stop for ski jackets, pants, mid/base layers, gloves/mittens, helmets, goggles and backpacks. Check out reviews, pricing, fabric materials and more details for gear from top outerwear brands.

2015 Softgoods Editors' Choice: The Best Gear & Outerwear Out There

Our top picks for 2015. Among the hundreds of products we received and reviewed, only this handful stood out, earning the prestigious OnTheSnow Editors' Choice badge.


Ski Jackets

2015 Ski Jacket Buyers' Guide

Comprehensive reviews of men's and women's ski jackets for 2015 from today's top brands.


Gloves & Mittens

2015 Gloves & Mittens Buyers' Guide

The latest gloves and mittens for 2015 and what we thought of these 15 pairs in particular.


Ski Pants

2015 Ski Pants Buyers' Guide

The bottom line in 2015 ski pants, with reviews, pricing, specs, materials and more for these 26 pairs.


Mid & Base Layers

2015 Mid & Base Layer Buyers' Guide

Long johns have come a long way, and layering has never looked as good as it does for the 2014/15 ski season with these new styles from top brands.



2015 Goggle Buyers' Guide

This year's manufacturers achieved goggle greatness, and we've got reviews for the latest from all the top brands.



2015 Helmet Buyers' Guide

Reviews for 10 shiny new ski helmets that epitomize skier safety for the 2014/15 ski season.


Ski Bags

2015 Ski Bag Buyers' Guide

Reviews for seven standout ski bags for 2015, including backpacks, boot and travel bags.