USASA Snowboard Ski Brule

Registration form & information will be available asap from Raging Buffalo. Please contact Raging Buffalo for event details and registration.

Ski Brule USASA Event - January 14-15, 2017

Raging Buffalo will be hosting a USASA Event Weekend on January 14-15 at Ski Brule. Kids 9 & Under (both skier & snowboarder) will get their ALL contest fees complimentary for that weekend as long as they have a USASA Membership, Raging Buffalo as their designated Series, a Helmet, & a valid Ski Brule Lift Ticket. We wanted to let you know as soon as we confirmed this today so you can book your lodging before it's full. We will be hosting the following events so it will b...e important to attend to get your points to Nationals:

Saturday - Giant Slalom, BoarderCross, & Rail Jam
Sunday - Slopestyle, Slalom & BoarderCross

Saturday Night get your tickets for the Homestead BBQ Team Dinner & Sleigh Ride for 7pm, don't forget there is unlimited snow tubing up there too for $4. For those of you that weren't able to join us last year... The old cabin was built in the 1800's decorated with antiques and the only heat is that from pot belly stoves, a truly unique experience.

We will be driving up on the bus and there will be limited seats available if anyone is interested in driving with us please inquire so as we get closer we will know how many spots are available. We plan to leave Raging Buffalo's parking lot that Friday
9 & Under Contest Fees Complimentary

This was suggested by the Rocky Mountain Series Director and we thought it was a brilliant idea to get the younger ones involved and promote the sport of snowboarding & skiing. This year as long as you have a USASA Membership, Raging Buffalo as your designated series, a helmet, & a valid lift ticket, anyone 9 & under will have their contest fees covered for every event ALL SEASON LONG. It couldn't be easier to get the groms & ruggies out to Nationals! Click the Burton Dude below for more details!