The Place: 

Literally, everywhere.

The Time: 

All 2014/15 season long.

The Temp: 

Across the spectrum.

What we Thought: 

> Style: The Pila Hoodie was my season-long go-to base layer that I'll keep coming back to for seasons to come because it looks great every time I wear it, with a standout color that surprisingly goes with everything. 

> Comfort: Snug as a base layer should be, this Eider piece neither feels too tight nor does it stretch out during a multi-day ski trip. In other words, it's the epitome of comfort.

> Performance: I rocked this lightweight base in every possible configuration, under a shell and mid layer, with an insulated jacket and all by its lonesome on a hot backcountry day. It's warm, it wicks and there's even a hood that pulls the garment up and around your head and face if you're into that sort of thing. The sly, asymmetrical, on-seam pocket comes in handy in unexpected ways.