The trend in men’s All-Mountain Back skis conjures imagery of NFL players taking ballet. It’s not like they wear tutus to class… these muscle men seek agility and nimbleness. Similarly, that’s the skiing endgame with the current move toward lightweight ski constructions and thinner profiles.

Companies have borrowed high strength-to-weight materials from places like Nordic skis, tennis racquets and mountain bikes designed to reduce weight without loosing performance or torsional rigidity. New milling processes can strategically remove parts from the core for more streamlined profiles. Skis in this category have wide girths to conquer variable snow conditions, ranging between 90 mm and 106 mm, enabling skiers to maneuver mountains front to back and everywhere in between.

Whatever the material, this category breeds versatile players either running-back nimble or line-backer strong. Refresh your gear closet this season with an all-mountain ski on the wider side of this huge category. View and sort the list below to compare the complete lineup of men's 2015/2016 All-Mountain Back skis we tested, and click on a ski name or image to have a closer look at each ski's reviews and specs. 

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