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weather patterns, not global warming.

15 hours ago - Squaw Valley .


people still.deny global.warming???

1 days ago - Squaw Valley .

Austen’s iPhone

Went yesterday, 1/27/15, and conditions were ice at the bottom of home run and a little pow in some areas. Top of the mountain was pretty nice. Might go again tomorrow morning, but I have a season pass so any snow is good snow at this point. Pray for snow

2 days ago - Squaw Valley .

Hard Packed 10cm

Went yesterday light dusting helped still very icy

3 days ago - Squaw Valley .

Variable Conditions 3cm
William's iPhone

Conditions are fine. When I was a kid skiing in Seattle we were trained to appreciate all snow, whether crunchy, powder, ice, or whatever. Now folks are spoiled by grooming, expecting every day to be perfect. Where's the challenge to that? Get off your butt and love the ice. Where's th

5 days ago - Squaw Valley .

Hard Packed